Aluminum Fence Tips

When you plan to buy an aluminum fence, first try and study the landscape of your property. If you have an uneven ground, then you will want to buy a fence that is rackable, or else you will end up having a stepping fence. If the pickets on an aluminum fence panel are welded together and not screwed, then installing such a fence on an uneven ground will create a stepping effect from panel to panel. So for uneven ground, it is best to have pickets screwed to the rails and post so that they can be aligned and racked to give the fence line an even look.

The strength of the metal frame depends on the quality of the aluminum and it’s thickness. Most of the manufacturers follow some basic industry standard by grading their products into three:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial

The residential being the thinnest and industrial being the toughest.

Whether you have a fence, deck or porch project, aluminum fences/railings and aluminum gates will add the perfect finishing touch to enhance your outdoor setting for years to come. All Fencing and Repair works only with high quality aluminum railing/fences and aluminum gates and provides most of our styles in 3 standard colors: black, white and bronze. For a complete line of aluminum fences, gate styles, and colors, please contact our local South Florida representative at 954.306.3477.

All Fencing and Repair also provides full fence design and installation services on chain link fences, wood fences, PVC fences, ornamental/iron fences and magnetic gate latches. All of our wood gates are reinforced for safety and durability. To ensure the perfect end result every fence installation project done by our company is carefully measured before being fitted and installed.


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