Aluminum Fences | Aluminum Gates

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All Fencing and Repair offers a no paint maintenance aluminum fence, railings and gates for both residential and commercial applications. We utilize the highest quality aluminum extrusions and castings: factory assembled sections, resulting in the finest aluminum railing system available on the market today. We also provide decorative add-on castings to customize any fencing project to providing a charming welcome to your home garden or landscape.

Vinyl/PVC Fences | Vinyl/PVC Gates

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PVC-Vinyl fences and gates offer the beauty of traditional fencing with low maintenance characteristics, and it usually lasts a life time. Depending on the style chosen, it also provides a privacy barrier around your home or business. White is the most popular color installed in South Florida, but other colors are available upon request. We offer several popular styles that cover a variety of residential and decorative uses.

Composite Fences | Composite Gates

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All Fencing and Repair carries TREX Seclusions® Fencing line of products. Built to last, our composite fences are made of a combination of reclaimed wood, including sawdust and plastic fibers. TREX fences and gates are smoother than wood and will not splinter.

Wood Fences | Wood Gates

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Wood fences are the next step above chain link for the money. We carry a wide selection of wood fence and wood gate styles which include: Solid Board, Shadowbox, Board on Batten, Traditional, and Picket Fences. The most common types of lumber used in South Florida are pine, spruce, cypress, cedar and red wood. We use only the highest quality fence posts that you won’t find at your local lumber warehouse. We also use high grade wood boards with very few knots and almost no discoloration, which truly makes for a “custom fence”.

Chain Link Fences | Chain Link Gates

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Chain link fences provide affordable security and containment in a variety of residential and commercial applications. They are affordable, require little maintenance and are very adaptable to just about any need. Chain link or woven wire fence is also one of the oldest forms of security fencing. The types of metals from which chain link fences are made are numerous. Vinyl chain link comes in many colors with a vinyl jacket that coats a galvanized core wire. Chain-link fences also come aluminized (aluminum coated over steel) and in hot-dipped galvanized aluminum. These various wires can be woven in small sizes such as 3/8″ mesh to 5″ and to heights of 12 feet.

Ornamental Fences | Ornamental Gates

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Ornamental fence designs are predominately for residential or light commercial applications. All Fencing and Repair offers several types of ornamental fencing, all commonly referred to as ornamental iron fencing. These include: Wrought Iron Fencing, Ornamental Steel Fencing and Ornamental Aluminum Fencing.