Wood Residential Fence Installation

In South Florida, Residential wood fences are mostly installed to enclose residential property, enclose pool area and deck areas.

Wood Commercial Fence Installation

In South Florida, commercial wood fencing is mostly installed to enclose apartment complexes, enclose outdoor garbage area in restaurants, parking lots, schools cemeteries and churches.

Wood Industrial Fence Installation

In South Florida industrial wood fences are mostly installed to enclose high security parking lots, apartments, industrial complexes, municipal buildings, and any other site that requires high security and strength.

Wood Gate Installation

At All Fencing and Repair we believe that gates are the most important component of any fencing project for that reason we offer wood gates to match all styles of wood fencing you choose. Installing structurally sound wood gates in every project we work on, has set us apart from the competition in South Florida.

All Fencing and Repair has a wide selection of different wood fence styles and appearance. The most common types of lumber used in South Florida are pine, spruce, cypress, cedar and red wood. We use only the highest quality fence posts that you won’t find at your local lumber warehouse. We also use high grade wood boards with very few knots and almost no discoloration which truly makes for a “custom fence”. The installation and treatment procedures we follow will ensure your wood fence will last for many years. Whether created from pine, spruce, cypress, cedar and red wood, the natural beauty and privacy of a wood fence remain desirable in residential, commercial and agricultural applications.

Wood fences provide excellent visual barriers and block out excessive noise and depending on the style you choose can also provide you privacy. To fence large areas of land a post and rail wood fence, continues to be the most practical, economical and environmentally sound choice in South Florida.

For maximum performance All Fencing and Repair recommends that 3 backer rails be used on 6′ and 7′ high fences and 4 back rails be used on 8′ high fences.

Wood fences will weather to a soft silver gray tone and provide you with long lasting beauty. Whatever your need, All Fencing and Repair can provide you with the right design for your fence application.

If you have not decided what type of fence/fencing best suit your needs, give us a call at (954) 605-6236 and one of our South Florida representatives will come to your property and give you a few suggestions on the different types of fences and its applications. All Fencing and Repair also offers aluminum fences and gates, chain link fences and gates, ornamental/iron fences and gates, and PVC fences and gates.


All Fencing and Repair is a Division of Gold Coast Industry and it is licensed and insured in the state of Florida.