Common Types of Wood Fence in South Florida

Board on Board

This is a privacy type wood fence. In this type of fence, a third picket is placed on top of every two picket nailed together, creating a full privacy and giving extra strength to the fence. Of course this means more wood, so the fence will be more expensive.


This is also a privacy wood fence; here the pickets are cramped together flat on rails and nailed tight against each other. But since wood bends and warps over time, you are most likely to have small gaps in between pickets. So you can say that over time, it become semi-privacy fence.


In this type of wood fence, pickets are placed behind and in front of each other, creating an almost full privacy fence. There are small gaps in between the front and back pickets.

Post and Rail

This type of fence is most common in farms and other agricultural facilities. They do not have any pickets, only strong rails running along on posts. Commonly 2, 3 or 4 rails.

Picket Fence

this is the most common type of wood fence. Before any of the fancy styles or designs of fencing were thought about, wooden picket fences existed. There are mainly two types of picket fences – classical being the most common one.

Classical Picket Fence

Generally 6? by 8? wide panels, with two rails, several pickets spaced out evenly and the top tip of each picket shaped pointy instead of flat.

Contemporary Picket Fence

Same size panels as the classical, 6? by 8? with two rails and several pickets. The only difference is that the top rail runs across the top line of the pickets, which are flat instead of pointy. So the top rail nails at the end of each picket and acts like a handrail.

Wood fences provide excellent visual barriers and block out excessive noise and depending on the style you choose can also provide you privacy. To fence large areas of land a post and rail wood fence, continues to be the most practical, economical and environmentally sound choice in South Florida. View wood fences installed in Fort Lauderdale area.

If you have not decided what type of fence/fencing best suit your needs, give us a call at (954) 605-6236 and one of our South Florida representatives will come to your property and give you a few suggestions on the different types of fences and its applications. All Fencing and Repair also offers aluminum fences and gates, chain link fences and gates, ornamental/iron fences and gates, and PVC fences and gates.


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