1. Permitting takes 45-60 days and is a necessary step before beginning any project. If it’s not permitted, the city/county will impose fines and/or require the project to be torn down and reinstalled.

2. Buyers are now wary of unpermitted work. Title searches and public records will easily search and find all un-permitted work if the property will be sold by the current owner.

3. Even if the owner is not going to be selling, Broward county is completing business searches, requiring all business buildings to be up to code. They shortly will be targeting residential residences to make sure they are up to code, this includes any existing fences and finding any that are existing but not permitted. Any that are not will be required to open a permit and inspectors will determine if the fence was structurally built right. If not, they will require the owner to perform required work.

All Fencing And Repair

1. Due to the frequent rain in South Florida, there will be weather related
delays. The 4-5 month period has this delay built in. Most competing companies will not be realistic in this delay and assume clear weather when stipulating a 2-3 month time period. Owners become frustrated with competing quotes of shorter time periods, but suddenly face a longer, delayed period.

2. All Fencing and Repair installs and completes fencing to the satisfaction of each customer first and foremost, using the highest quality material. Because of the quality we use, it takes time for the order process and delivery. This adds quality of life to the fencing installed for the benefit of the owner.

3. All Fencing and Repair has been in business since 1997 and is a well established and highly rated company, unlike many fly-by-night fencing companys. Because we stand by our work, we make sure of not only the quality of the material, but the quality of the installation. Should there be a problem after the installation, which is unlikely, but if so, All Fencing and Repair will be there to stand by our work and guarantee repair or replacement. Many of the fly-by-night companies aren’t there if needed after the work is completed.